About Me


Hi, my name is Dusti and welcome to every DANG dish. I have recipes that will will make you look good! I’ve had a long-standing relationship with food. I enjoy making recipes and hosting friends and family to share in memorable meals. The love has grown to the point that I am now creating this blog where I will share great recipes, good eats across town, and our travel adventures. The name of the blog was inspired by a seemingly ordinary event: washing the dishes. After one particular meal that required an assortment of cookware, John made the comment “we used every DANG dish for this meal”. And so it began.

Food is also a key theme in recent travels. In 2019 we went to Thailand and took cooking classes in three different cities.  My mission is to “make every meal a moment” and I love inspiring others to prepare, share, and discover new culinary creations.

The learning curve with WordPress isn’t necessarily easy but I press on. I’m constantly looking for creative ways to break through and be different in this Influencer space. I’m taking one day at a time and not overthinking it. This is my passion project so it’s important to stay grounded and have fun in the learning process.

I was born and raised in Portland, OR however I am now a proud Texan and have lived in Texas since 2002. I am a Marketing guru by day and food enthusiast by night. Collecting recipes and cookbooks has become somewhat of an addiction and my goal is to share as many of these recipes with you as possible. When I’m not working or cooking, I spend the rest of my time with my favorite Pilates instructors, volunteering with local non-profits and traveling.