Away Carry-on Review

When it comes to travel I pretty much have it down to a science on how to pack. I do everything in my power to avoid checking a bag. Even a two week trip to Thailand I was able to pack everything I needed in a carry-on and a backpack.

I have seen the Away carry-on and heard all the hype but couldn’t quite swallow the price tag. People continue to rave about how incredible it is on social yet I wasn’t quite convinced. Years ago I purchased a small ORVIS Carry-on and it’s now showing it’s age so I started to reconsider my love for Away.

John and I have been traveling back and forth recently to Portland and since we are flying stand-by we have to carry everything with us. The last visit I crammed my bags so full I thought I was going to break by back from all the weight in both bags.

While connecting in Phoenix I saw a woman with a pink Away bag and I asked her, is this bag really worth the price tag? Without hesitation she said I love this bag. Believe it or not I can fit so much in both compartments and with the hard shell it’s durable.  I thanked her and decided I needed to see one in person.

Luckily there is an Away store in Dallas so early on a Sunday we ventured out and were the only ones in the store. I was able to see all the colors and see first hand the quality of the brand. They have two sizes in the Carry-on bags. Luckily John picked the color “Coast” that I was considering, I bit the bullet and purchased the Bigger Carry-On. This size is approved for most domestic travel. The smaller Carry-on is for international travel. I decided to get the bag without the battery. I don’t need it and prefer having more space.

I use compression packing cubes purchased on Amazon, which makes packing so much easier and I couldn’t believe how much I was able to get in both compartments. I also love the 360° spinner wheels that ensures a smooth ride. I never have to worry about my bulging bag fitting in the overhead compartment again.

So far I’m loving the bag. If you are on the fence I suggest giving Away a chance. They have a 100 day money back guarantee no questions asked 😉