Circle of Friends Cookbook Anna and I were roommates before I was married in 2012. She was raised in NY and is one of the best cooks I know. Every time I am with her we are always cooking up something and I always learn something new.

While living together I casually suggested that we need to get all of her recipes in print. She has so many favorites, I couldn’t keep track of them. She agreed and so the journey began.

Over the course of almost 8 years we FINALLY published the cookbook. It became a labor of love that both husbands were a part of. I was able to include several of my favorite recipes as well however so many of her tried and true recipes are now captured and available in the Circle of Friends Cookbook.

What started out as a small project so that we would benefit quickly spread like wildfire and friends and family were interested in purchasing a copy. Thanks to Blurb, they made it very easy to set up and it can now occupy space on your cookbook shelf. I promise this collection of recipes is one of a kind and you will be amazed at how easy these recipes are to make.

Link to purchase: CLICK HERE