Mallow Box, it’s Time for Dessert!

Marshmallow fans rejoice with Mallow Box and all that it has to offer. Located in the Shops at Willow Bend this new concept was designed to inspire moments of fun and deliciousness. I will admit, I’m not a huge fan of marshmallows, however I was intrigued when I heard they were handmade.

The Mallow Box Story

While standing at the counter contemplating what to order, Heather asked the owner about her story and quickly realized she was from Brazil. Heather spent 2 years in Brazil, so the next thing I know they are both speaking in Portuguese and the rest is history.

She never had marshmallows growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, they were expensive and not nearly as good. When she moved to the US in 2002, learning “American” desserts was an intriguing challenge for her. Making marshmallows is not for the faint of heart however with perserverance after four months, she mastered making marshmallows from scratch.

While working at a local high-end clothing retailer, they gave her an opportunity to introduce her new sweet treat to customers through pop-up events. Before she knew it customers started asking for their own custom orders.

The menu really does have something for everyone. The s’mores sounded perfect, it included graham crackers, a salted caramel marshmallow, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, chocolate sauce and sprinkles. This absolutely exceeded my expectations. The shakes are simply gorgeous, even the chocolate around the rim is completely edible!

Couple fun facts:

  • The PLAIN marshmallows are gluten-free.
  • The plain marshmallows are dairy-free. Variations containing some types of cookie or dark chocolate are not dairy-free.
  • The menu includes, S’mores, Marshmallow Skewers, S’mores Bowls and S’mores Shakes. Most items are easily sharable.

Supporting a small business is helping a family work hard to bring you something to smile about. Mallow Box should definitely be on your list soon!