Pasta Making Class at the Cookery (Dallas, TX)

I have always wanted to learn how to make pasta and today was finally the day. John and I participated in a class at The Cookery in Dallas, “Pasta Perfecto” and had an absolute blast. I am ready to sign up for the next class!

We were two of 14 people and took turns with tasks to complete the 3 course menu. I truly don’t think I can ever eat store bought pasta again. I have been spoiled.

The menu for the day:

  • Tortellini stuffed with arugula pesto, with handmade ricotta
  • Dill fettuccine with alfredo sauce
  • Bowtie pasta with lamb ragu and garlic bread
  • Dark chocolate ravioli filled with vanilla bean ricotta topped with chocolate sauce and chopped hazelnuts (Oh it was good!)

We started the class making dough for the various dishes listed above and it’s pretty straight forward; flour, eggs and water. And the trick is making the dough by hand vs the mixer ๐Ÿ˜‰ We made the pesto filling for the tortellini along with ricotta cheese from scratch and the lamb ragu.

Everyone took turns rolling out the pasta with the hand crank roller as well as the kitchen aid attachments. It really was quite impressive how long the pasta can get. You need to make sure you have plenty of counter space when making this at home. Be sure to flour the surface before placing it on the counter.

Overall the class was incredible and worth every penny. They share all the recipes so you have what you need to replicate the meals again. I had the bug to make pasta at home and luckily found a great Black Friday deal at Best Buy for the pasta making attachments.

The Cookery has two locations

Dallas and Fort Worth. Be sure to check out their events page for current listings. If you are looking for a pasta making class in Dallas, The Cookery is for you!