Butternut Squash soup in a bowl

Butternut Squash Soup

Growing up I was never introduced to Butternut Squash so when I had it in soup for the first time I honestly couldn’t believe how delicious it was. I’ll never forget the first time I made the soup. I bought the Squash and when I got home I wasn’t quite sure how to cut it.

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freshly made dumplings in dutch oven

Chicken and Dumplings

I can remember as a child being introduced to the world’s best chicken and dumplings at Tad’s which is roughly 15 minutes from where I grew up. It’s nestled along the Sandy River in Troutdale, OR and has a cozy atmosphere with friendly staff as soon as you walk in. It was a treat as

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Beef stew in a bowl

Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Every time I make this Beef Stew, John goes back for seconds. That’s how I measure success, seconds, it’s all about who goes back for seconds. I find that stews are relatively easy to make, the slow cooker really does all the work however this stew has something special to give it that extra flavor.

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Greek lemon chicken soup in bowl

Greek Lemon Chicken Soup

I love Greek food, so when Anna introduced me to her Greek Lemon Chicken Soup, I thought I died and went to heaven. It literally changed my life. There is a Greek restaurant in Frisco, Platia Greek Kouzina that I absolutely love, and I remember years ago waiting in the lobby for my to go order

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