High Protein Pepperoni Pizza

Pizza lovers, rejoice! If you’re on a health journey but can’t resist the allure of a cheesy, savory slice, then you’re in luck. Say goodbye to guilt and hello to satisfaction with our delicious twist on a classic favorite: High Protein Pepperoni Pizza. Not only does it satisfy your cravings, but it also packs a

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Christmas Crack12

Christmas Crack AKA Fools Toffee

The first taste of Christmas Crack can truly leave an unforgettable mark on one’s memory. It’s amazing how a simple combination of saltine crackers, butter, brown sugar, chocolate, and optional additions like nuts or festive sprinkles—can come together to create a treat that embodies the essence of the holidays. Years ago a co-worker of mine

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30A Seacrest Beach31

A Girls Getaway to 30A

Day 1 – We arrived in 30A Our journey to Seacrest Beach began with our arrival in Panama City, jumped in our rental car which we named “Ron Jon”. Our drive to Seacrest was 30 minutes, as we made our way to the Waterhouse condo, centrally located between Rosemary and Seaside, it’s a spacious and

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Best BBQ Joint in Texas

Mike was in town for a long weekend, and he had one thing on his mind…BBQ. We heard about a place called Goldees, recently ranked as the number one BBQ joint in all of Texas by Texas Monthly. Fort Worth is about an hour from where we live so we started to head west. We

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SB 40

It was Absolute Bananas

John and I have been avid fans of the Savannah Bananas for the past year and a half. It’s incredible how outrageously funny and entertaining this team is. Trying to snag a ticket for their home games is like finding a needle in a haystack. This year, they’ve upped their game by going on a

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The Boardsmith

All I wanted for Christmas was a new butcher block cutting board. I had to retire my old one and since it’s something I use every day in the kitchen I was anxious to find a replacement. John actually stumbled across The Boardsmith and it just so happens they are located here in Frisco, TX.

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