Our Coastal Escape to Holden Beach, NC

Arriving in Holden Beach, NC

We reached Myrtle Beach, SC in the early afternoon and made our way north to Holden Beach, NC about an hour’s drive away. Our rental car, a brand-new Lincoln Wagoneer loaded with all the latest features, added an extra level of comfort to the journey. As we entered the town, the day was crystal clear, and a stunning line of homes along the island extending for miles. Our house was three-story’s and equipped with its very own elevator. The beachfront view from our accommodation was breathtaking.

Our reliance on Yelp proved fruitful in choosing a dinner spot, and we settled on the Dock House. The evening was warm, allowing us to enjoy our meal on the deck with a view overlooking the river. The fried pickles, coconut shrimp, and fish tacos were absolute winners. Post-dinner, we made a beeline for the beach, eager to capture the final moments of the sunset.

Eggs Up Grill won us Over

I woke up early, curious about the sunrise. To my surprise, I spotted dolphins gracefully leaping in the air. Regardless of the hour, it seemed dolphins were a constant sight, gliding along the shoreline.

Hungry for breakfast, we consulted Yelp and found Eggs Up Grill, a place that lived up to its reputation. The service and food were outstanding; personally, the bacon won me over. Following our satisfying meal, we returned to the house where the boys wasted no time digging holes and splashing in the unexpectedly warm water.

Our choice of Holden Beach was inspired by its reputation for unique seashells and shark teeth. Shelly and the boys devoted much of their time scouring the beach for these treasures.

For dinner, we opted for The Cove, where our waiter’s no-nonsense demeanor was coupled with an endless supply of witty remarks that kept us chuckling throughout the evening. The food made this place stand out as a favorite. Post-dinner cravings led us to Beaches n Cream, a charming spot offering homemade ice cream that brought smiles to all our faces.

Exploring the Iconic North Carolina Battleship

Tyler and I were early birds, determined to seize the beauty of the sunrise through our lenses. Our agenda for the day involved a trip to Wilmington, NC, primarily to explore the Battle Ship North Carolina and take a comprehensive tour. Before reaching our destination, we made a pit stop at the Old Bridge Diner, where we packed ourselves into a corner table for what turned out to be an incredibly satisfying breakfast. Their unique method of blending eggs in a milkshake blender resulted in the most delicious eggs we’ve ever tasted.

Holden Beach NC47

Once at the North Carolina ship, we immersed ourselves in a self-paced tour that spanned several hours. The sheer greatness and history of the ship were nothing short of incredible.

Holden Beach NC72

John expressed interest in visiting the Wrightsville Beach Brewery, prompting a pause for a quick snack and drinks. To our surprise, the Thai Cauliflower appetizer stole the show, leaving me eager to hunt down recipes to recreate its flavor.

Ahead of our trip, Mike found Genki Sushi, touted as the finest sushi joint in Wilmington. Glad we had reservations because securing a table there proved near impossible; every spot was reserved, and the queue outside was bustling. Upon leaving, we were pleasantly surprised by caramels included with the bill, which, as it turned out, were homemade. Their deliciousness prompted Shelly to head back inside and purchase several bags to take with us.

Sunset on the Water’s Edge

We decided to explore the nearby local coffee spot, when I returned I was inspired to make up my renowned sausage cream cheese biscuits for breakfast.

Our day unfolded much like the previous ones—filled with digging, intermittent rest, and the thrilling hunt for undiscovered gems along the shore. Come dinnertime, I treated everyone to a delightful spread of enchiladas. Post-dinner, we strolled down to the pier, aiming to capture the stunning sunset peeking through the pier’s intricate structure.

Sand, Sun, and Serenity

Yet another stunning sunrise greeted us, our fondness for Eggs Up Grill drew us back for another satisfying breakfast. On our way home, we leisurely drove along the island’s coastline, seizing moments for picturesque photos. Tyler, eager as ever, couldn’t resist wading into the water while Shelly and Cole resumed their quest for more seaside treasures.

For dinner, we opted for another local gem, Provision Company, which proved to be quite an intriguing experience. Cole opted for shrimp, I indulged in crab cakes, and John relished a fish dish, amidst an interesting mix of patrons.

As we soaked in the last of the day’s sunlight, capturing the final moments of the sunset through our cameras, Shelly and Cole, equipped with their headlamps, embarked on their ultimate night of treasure hunting.

The evening saw us gathered to watch the Texas Rangers in the World Series, relishing the game together. However, our enjoyment was momentarily interrupted as we noticed a swarm of unappealing bugs invading the back deck. Turns out, these bugs were a seasonal phenomenon and were everywhere. We found ourselves darting around, attempting to dodge these pesky creatures as they seemed to be everywhere.

Enjoying Myrtle Beach, SC

With a checkout time of 10 am, we swiftly packed up and made our way to Myrtle Beach. Our flight wasn’t scheduled until 6 pm, affording us ample time. I treated the family to a visit to Tupelo Honey, and it received unanimous praise. Before bidding farewell, we made a final stop at the beach, capturing a group photo as a cherished memento of our time there.