Dad’s Baked Beans

Dad and Dusti
Cabo 2007

Since it’s Father’s Day, I thought it would be fun to share one of my dad’s favorite and most popular requested recipes: Billy’s Baked Beans. I recently asked my dad about the inspiration for the recipe. He explained that the recipe was inspired by a restaurant in Gresham, OR called Hearthstone, which had a similar dish on the menu. Dad loved their beans and decided to recreate them while also making them somewhat unique by adding something sweet.

This is a great dish to serve over July 4th, a backyard BBQ or even your next tailgating event. These go well with burgers, BBQ ribs, steak and just about anything else. There are never leftovers any time I make Billy’s Baked Beans!

Here is how you make the beans


28-oz B&M Original Baked Beans (If you can’t find B&M brand, Bush’s works as well)
1 lb chopped cooked bacon
4 tablespoons brown sugar
8-oz can chopped pineapple
½ chopped white onion


1. Cook bacon, chop and set aside.
2. Add beans to a pot over medium heat, when warm add bacon, sugar and pineapple. When you are ready to serve add the onion.