The Best Chicago Style Pizza in Dallas

Chicago-style pizza has become a topic of conversation in our house for the past couple years. Neither John or I had it growing up, however the idea of a deep dish pizza is something that always intrigued us.

Taste of Chicago in Addison

A few weeks ago, a friend posted on Facebook photos of her Chicago-style pizza flown-in from Lou Malnati in the heart of Chicago to California. It looked amazing and I was inspired! I immediately told John, “I found THE Chicago style deep dish pizza and they ship anywhere is the US!” He reminded me that there is a restaurant in North Texas that is known for their deep dish pizza. “How about we try Taste of Chicago in Addison, I hear it’s good.”

Next thing I know, we are placing an order for pick-up. We ordered a medium pepperoni deep dish pizza along with a slice of chocolate cake for dessert. When we picked up our order, I couldn’t believe how heavy the pizza was!

We got home and didn’t waste any time diving in. After the first bite, I was 100% hooked! The layers of bread, cheese, pepperoni and endless sauce made the perfect combination. Since the slices were substantial, we could only eat half of the pizza, which meant leftovers!

I have never met a slice of pizza I didn’t like, unless of course it has mushrooms on it 😉 However, I tend to favor thin crust. I can now say without question, I am a huge fan of deep dish pizza! Taste of Chicago in Addison is definitely worth it! We both agreed that we will be back sooner rather than later.