Best BBQ Joint in Texas

Mike was in town for a long weekend, and he had one thing on his mind…BBQ. We heard about a place called Goldees, recently ranked as the number one BBQ joint in all of Texas by Texas Monthly. Fort Worth is about an hour from where we live so we started to head west.

We reached Goldees a little after 11am, right when they opened and we couldn’t believe what we saw. The parking lot was packed with cars, and there was this crazy long line that had started forming hours ago. The temperature for the day was a scorching 98 degrees, and I turned to Mike and said, “Now this is true dedication”, I mean, standing in line for almost two hours just for BBQ? That’s some serious love right there.

The Anticipation

It turned out to be quite a social gathering as we stood in line to smell the brisket cooking for what would be an hour and forty minutes. We started striking up conversations with the folks around us, and before we knew it, we were making friends left and right. It was interesting to see that a lot of the people in line were locals who were supposedly “working from home.” I guess they couldn’t resist the temptation of Goldees’ BBQ for their lunch break. It was a mix of laughter, shared stories, and even some friendly debates about the best BBQ joints in town and beyond. We even learned about BBQ camp, we were all united by our love for good food, and standing there in line, we found common ground with our fellow BBQ enthusiasts.

Once we finally got inside the tiny building, we were crammed in the doorway with a bunch of other hungry folks, and then, they handed each of us a piece of brisket. The meat just melted in my mouth. It was hands down the best brisket I’ve ever had. I couldn’t believe how incredibly delicious it was.

We decided to go all out and order a little bit of almost everything on the menu and each and every item we tried was just outstanding. The ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender, the sausage was bursting with juicy flavors, and the brisket was tasty.

Right in the middle of our feast, one of the the owners, Johnny White, strolled by our table. He asked us how we were liking the food, and we didn’t hold back one bit. We spent a good five minutes showering him with praises and telling him how much we appreciated all the hard work they put in to become the number one BBQ joint in Texas. It was such a cool moment to be able to personally share our love for their food with one of the men behind it all.

With our bags of leftovers and our photographic evidence in tow, we headed back home, eagerly anticipating round two of this amazing barbecue. We knew John and Dad would be thrilled to sink their teeth into the delectable treats we brought back. It was going to be another mouthwatering experience, and we couldn’t wait to share the joy of Goldees’ BBQ with them.

Mike standing on front of Goldees sign holding bag of leftovers